SF Giants Stock Up on College Pitchers in the Final Day of the Draft

sf giants

Pittsburgh Pirates v San Francisco Giants / Lachlan Cunningham/GettyImages

The Giants went with high upside on the first day of the draft and leaned on college middle infielders on the second day of the draft. They had a total of 21 selections. 13 of their picks were position players and nine of them were pitchers.

You might be thinking I am mathing incorrectly and you might be right, but their first-round pick was a two-way star, meaning that he appears in both categories. On the position player side, the Giants focused on premium positions as three of their picks were shortstops and three more were catchers.

The Giants have a bonus pool allotment of $9.9 million and can exceed that amount by five percent without forfeiting future picks. After round 10, they can sign draft picks for up to $150,000 without it counting against the bonus pool allotment. However, anything above that amount gets factored into the bonus pool. They will likely be in a position to exceed that amount with their first pick from Day 3.

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